Client Testimonials

Nicole Binnie (GM Sales and Marketing Peugot and Citroën South Africa)

Peugeot’s introduction to Jodene Shaer occurred in 2011 when she was recommended to assist us in handling our brand image on the Social Media platforms. We were impressed with her enthusiasm, sensibility, communication skills and professional conduct, so much so that we contracted her to manage our social media platforms. In the five years that we have worked with Jodene and her team at Chat Factory we have seen a vast improvement in the overall perception of the brand online.

Read the letter here – Peugot and Citroën

Bernard Jay (Theatre Producer and Practitioner)

I had the pleasure of working with Jodene for the last three years of my tenure as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Producer at Joburg Theatre (previously The Johannesburg Civic Theatre) in South Africa. I left this position in December 2014.

Jodene, as social media strategist and consultant, brought our theatre into a 21st Century understanding and acknowledgement of the social media potential for the entertainment industry. Like so many organisations worldwide, we were aware that long practiced traditional media opportunities were being replaced gradually by technology, but we needed expertise in taking us to this new and exciting level.

Jodene, with her own expertise and great passion for the art and business of theatre, achieved this very successfully and gradually trained the publicity and marketing team at Joburg Theatre to appreciate the value of on-line influencers.

Indeed, some of the most memorable moments of my last few years running Joburg Theatre were of the bubbly, vivacious personality of Jodene brimming over with pride and personal achievement at opening nights declaring, by interval, that “we’re trending”. To achieve Jodene’s trending status then became an essential goal when introducing new shows to the public.

I miss working with Jodene now in my freelance capacity, but would strongly recommend her services to any theatrical organisation – wherever it is placed in our global market.

Gabriella Brondani (Managing Director of Urban Espresso)

“Jodene is one of the most phenomenal people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Someone who is extremely passionate about the field within which she works, she commits herself wholeheartedly to make each and every project she works with, a success. She understands the importance and effectiveness of a well-executed social media campaign, and knows how it is vital to couple social media efforts with other roles (such as PR and marketing) to ensure long term success. She is not merely about engaging with a social media audience, but rather building a community lined with loyalty.”

Bruce Tendai Mubayiwa (Advancing Chess & Maths in Kathu, Northern Cape, RSA)

“Jodene was very instrumental in one of the largest social media initiatives or drives in South Africa.The Twitter Blanket Drive campaign with the harshtag #TDB was very impressive. She payed her part by setting up a FollowSA team in every city in South Africa. I strongly recommend Jodene as a social media expert and campaigner. She gets the job done.”

Michael Cowen (Building Brands in a Digital World)

“Jodene is a remarkable community builder and I am blown away by the level of trust she has created through social media. This comes from being an empathetic person who knows how to reach out to people. We have run some projects together and I was really impressed by Jodene. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Alon Joseph (Director at The Future CEO project – ORT JET teens)

“Jodene ability to understand social media and human psychology is amazing. Her passion, drive and determination are truly inspirational. she has managed to create interest and excitement in every project she has run. It is such an honour to work with her.”

Donna Arden  (Knotting Heal – Beauty and Body Therapist)

“If tenacity, loyalty and a shining passion for living with the proposal for betterment and acheviers is the the crime, Jodene Shaer is the prime suspect. 
I have had the pleasure and the knowledge of watching Jodene build her dreams while the landscaping was still in draft , seeing her place ideals and resources on a platform, a presence of integrity and network that was strategy then, with the same supreme energy and force this tenacious soul has presented today. 
One can only be striving for positive influence to be in the stand up line alongside her,in a part of this development she has created as a courageous platform of performance for all. 
The verdict is out and tenacity exhumes. Jodene has the lifetime award.”

Darrell Cuthbert (Freelance Copywriter & Owner at WordTiffie Copywriting & Web Content)

“Jodene has to be one of the most enthusiastic and infectious online personalities that I have ever crossed paths with. We have shared many ideas, made recommendations on each others work and done a little co-blogging etc. 

Her insight can be a tremendous asset to any business, bit especially those with an internet presence that is foundering of for those wanting to enter this sphere.”

Dezy De Lima (Comair Travel Product & Marketing Manager | Holiday Tours Brand Custodian)

“Jodene is an inspirational individual and every dealing with her has been a great success. 
She is highly respected in Social Media and is very influential with a plan and purpose. 
I am thrilled to be associated with Jodene and her many accomplishments.”

David Graham (Certified social media marketer specialising in B2B inbound marketing and lead generation)

“I connected with Jodene through social media and have worked with her on a number of occasions over the past twelve months. I have attended a number of events arranged by Jodene and each one has been an absolute resounding success. I am privileged to be associated with Jodene and have no doubt that she will continue to excel in everything she does.”

Darren Napier (Sales Manager at Sanctuary Retreats)

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Jodene on a business level and it’s quite clear through her drive, enthusiasm & passion for social media as to why the #FollowSA community on twitter grows from strength to strength on a daily basis! I would definitely recommend getting Jodene involved in taking your companies online presence to the next level!”

Michal Wronski (Managing Director at Fuseware)

“Jodene has been fantastic to work with from the beginning. She has a great balance of eccentricity and level-headedness that really shines through what she does. Social by nature, she knows and understands how to engage and leverage social media to produce tangible results. I definitely recommend working with her!”

Fred Felton (Social Media Engineer, Falconscove, Partner at Social By The Sea)

“Jodene is a wonderful person to get in touch with. She is a specialist in Social Media and has helped South Africa come alive with her 
#followsa campaign and has helped people set up social media marketing campaigns and has also helped with social media management for brands and has helped people understand Social Media. She is also a fantastic speaker and inspirer. She comes highly recommended.”

Claire Pacariz (Associate Producer/Strategic Relations Manager, Joburg Theatre )

Joburg Theatre has been working with Jodene Shaer and Lifeology since May 2013.

Social networking has never been as crucial and beneficial to companies – Joburg Theatre identified this need, and was the first theatre in the country to employ a Social Media Consultant.
Jodene and her team have developed creative approaches and concepts, and introduced us to the world of # hashtags!  We are proud to say that a few of our shows trended both nationally and worldwide!

Jodene’s enthusiasm is infectious and we are proud to be associated with her.